Recipes for a homemade pizza: 10 Italian cooking tips

homemade pizza recipes

Recipes for a homemade pizza: 10 Italian cooking tips

If you like to prepare homemade pizza, you probably have a good recipe, but learning some pro tips will help you get great results. It is simply about getting everyone at home to feel excited about the announcement: “for dinner, there is homemade pizza”.

Italian Cooking Tips For A Perfect Pizza

perfect homemade pizza

Do Not Wash The Dough Container With Detergent

It is recommended to have a bowl that you use only to make the pizza dough. Do not wash it with detergents, but with water and vinegar.

Trick To Know If The Dough Is Ready

To find out if the dough has fermented enough, do the following test: take a ball of dough and place it in a glass of water. If it floats, the dough is ready.

Don’t Use The Rolling Pin

If the dough has been ready, do not use the rolling pin to stretch it. Spread the dough with your hands, pressing from the center to the edges and from the top to the bottom.

In the end, distribute the dough on the baking sheet, resting the fingertips on the dough, so that there are holes, which will help the oil and sauce to permeate.

Place Only A Veil Of Tomato Sauce

Do not exaggerate the amount of tomato. Simply pour 2-3 tablespoons of tomato sauce over the dough and spread it out. When you spread the sauce, create a very thin layer, like a veil that allows you to see a little of the dough underneath.

Regulate The Oven Well

Turn on the oven at 200 °C and wait for it to heat up well. For 5 minutes, bake the pizza on the bottom, then move it to the top shelf and lower the temperature to 180°C.

Use A Good Cheese And Take Care That It Does Not Burn

In pizza, cheese is very important. It can be mozzarella, provolone cheese, or a mixture of them, and you should place it a moment before removing the pizza from the oven, depending on the cooking time of the recipe.

Put The Raw Ham, Salami And Arugula Afterwards

Raw ham and salami are placed on top of the pizza when it is removed from the oven, just long enough for them to barely heat up and not cook. The same with arugula, which is placed raw and chopped into pieces with your hands.

Arrange The Cherry Tomatoes Skin Side Up

If you are going to add cherry tomatoes, make sure it is in season, so they are fresh and improve the flavor of the pizza. You should wash them, dry them, cut them in half, and place them on the pizza, skin side up.

Add The Pre-Cooked Vegetables On The Griddle

If you are going to use peppers, aubergines, or zucchini, cook them on the grill before putting them on the pizza. Otherwise, they will be raw.

Cut Raw Vegetables Very Finely

If you are adding carrots, onions, bell peppers, or other raw vegetables, cut them into very thin strips. Take the opportunity to decorate the pizza with them, playing with colors.

Fresh herbs such as basil, are placed when covering the pizza with the cheese. So that they do not dry out, you can dip them in a little olive oil before using them.

Share these professional tricks to make homemade pizza. Your cook friends will love to meet them. Leave us your comments and your Italian cooking tips to make a perfect pizza at home.


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