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Ten piano tips you should follow

We hope that these piano tips will help you practice at home quickly and effectively, seeing your progress day by day.

The first piano lesson needs to be carefully planned and paced. Students listen carefully as the teacher reviews the material with them. They understand the importance of good posture on the keyboard.

5 tips to play the guitar every day with motivation

To be a beast of the guitar, among other things, you have to play every day. But not always the motivation to play is present, right? Sometimes you feel discouraged, lazy, and lack desire. I know this problem very closely! And that is why, in this post, I am going to give you 5 tips to play the guitar every day while maintaining your motivation.

Tips to play the guitar every day with motivation

Play The Guitar For Love

Tip for playing guitar

It may sound cliché, but playing for love is essential. For this reason, the guitar cannot share your hands with pain (physical or emotional), because music cannot symbolize the suffering in the lives of those who play the instrument.

So that your learning flows smoothly, do not overload yourself. Everything has its own time. Know your limits, that is, you don’t want to be the best guitarist in the world in a week. Playing 18 hours a day can bring more pain than genius. Can you imagine spending a month without playing because of tendinitis or worse, because of focal dystonia?

Let the natural course of things drive your studies! This is one of the best guitar-playing tips I can give you. Don’t get mad at yourself if you realize you’re training too much and making little progress. When you get this feeling (it will happen to you many times, believe me), take a deep breath… take a break… look for a distraction. When you return to your studies, you will see the difficulties again and you will see that they are much less than they seem.

Keep Your Guitar Close At All Times

Another good tip for playing guitar is to try to leave everything (instrument, strings, picks, etc.) within reach. This is the best way to prevent your life from being invaded by the laziness of taking the guitar out of the closet. In addition, you will have no excuse to procrastinate, that is, the “I’ll play later” will not be part of your daily life.

It’s even worth a try to leave your six-string companion out of its protective case, ready for you to check its tuning and start playing. Thus, you will only have to extend your arm to grab the instrument and make the magic happen. But remember the care to clean your guitar that I told you about here.

Create Habits That Encourage Discipline

Do you know those times when you really need to step away from your guitar? Don’t despair, because you can use them to create habits that help you stay focused. For example:

when you are at work or school, access social networks and WhatsApp only during breaks;

try to check your personal emails only twice a day.

This mania of looking at the cell phone all the time is a very bad habit. In addition to diverting your attention from your daily tasks, it distracts you from playing.

Be Careful about How You Receive Feedback

Be very careful with all feedback. As sincere as they are, words have the power to demotivate.

Listen carefully to people, especially those who understand the subject. But create a filter that protects your ears from derogatory comments. Don’t be put off by criticism. Make them the fuel that will make your ship fly higher and higher.

Never blindly trust feedback that is 100% flattering. There are cases in which the closest people are afraid to criticize, even constructively, and end up generating discomfort.

When you do a self-analysis of your performance, don’t push yourself too hard. It is also prudent to avoid comparisons because each musician evolves within his possibilities and capabilities.

Observe Your Evolution

To evolve you need goals. You can, for example, aim to be able to play John Mayer’s Neon in X weeks. It’s a difficult song for beginners, right? However, nothing is impossible, you just have to study the song daily.

To measure your progress, record audio or video of yourself playing.

Let’s suppose that today you started studying the chords of the introduction and you evolved very little. It turns out that after a week of practice, the first part of the song is already at your fingertips. It is obvious that there was a lot of evolution! But when you compare the records of your process, the emotion will take over every particle of your being and your motivation will be even more invigorated.


Six keys to keep in mind when studying piano

Studying piano, whatever the age at which one begins, is an enriching experience. But like any other activity,  it has a learning process that can become complex as one progresses.  Fortunately, to deal with this, apart from really loving playing the piano, there are certain keys that will allow you to have smooth progress without having to be a musical prodigy. These will make your learning much more orderly and entertaining.

Four tips and techniques for playing the piano

The greatest satisfaction when starting to play the piano is seeing the results of the effort, surprising yourself every day when listening to the music that your hands produce with the keys. Learning to play the piano requires perseverance and a lot of practice; therefore, it is beneficial to know and apply tactics to get the most out of the time invested and maximize your progress with each practice.

Set Clear Goals

Piano playing techniques

Set clear and measurable goals to get the most out of your practice. Determine the areas that need attention and focus on those, such as improving agility or finger speed. Once you have defined these goals, work on playing chords in arpeggio (play the notes of the chord one after another quickly) and practice specific scales.

Another goal you can set is to master a section of a piece that you find particularly difficult. The goal might be to be able to play it 10 times without making mistakes. Make sure you play in and out of the section so that when you play the piece together, it flows naturally. As we already mentioned, it is important that your goals are measurable. So that you can recognize your progress more clearly (Lane, 2019).

Warm Up

Although it may seem boring to you, warming up is very important as it avoids the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. Only 10 minutes are necessary; In addition, warming up gives you the opportunity to achieve good “flow”, a state of mind where you are engaged and focused on a specific task, which helps you make maximum progress (10 piano tips to remember, 2019). Your music teacher can help you choose the most appropriate ways to warm up.

Practice Finger Movement And Hand Position

It is recommended to start playing with the right hand first and then move on to the other hand. Separate movements are easier to master and you can gradually work your way up using both hands. In fact, the conventional technique of practicing with the hands apart is commonly used by music teachers. After you have perfected this technique, you can move on to using both hands. Which improves coordination and improves your playing efficiency (Roussey, 2016).

Slow Down And Use The Metronome

There is a trick that many students use to master especially difficult pieces: Start at half the original speed and gradually increase this speed. You can slow down until you feel comfortable playing the piece perfectly. You may ask, how can I set the speed of a part? That’s what the metronome is for (10 piano tips to remember, 2019).

The metronome is an instrument that is used to measure the time of musical composition and accurately mark the beat; the mechanical metronome contains an inverted pendulum that swings back and forth and clicks each cycle, with a small counterweight that can be moved up or down the pendulum to adjust the beat; the electronic metronome indicates the beat with a sound or light signal or with both.

Avoid Distractions

Being able to have a piano practice without distractions gives you the possibility to enter a state of “flow” in which you are totally immersed in what you are doing. This focus helps you make faster progress and recognize and correct mistakes.

There are so many distractions that can affect your piano practice. Perhaps the main distraction is your phone through calls, messages, and notifications. Or the simple curiosity of checking your social networks to see if something momentous has happened, which is usually not the case! Put your phone on do not disturb mode or, even better, leave it in another room or keep it in your backpack.

You can also ask not to be interrupted during your practice. Finally, turn off the television or any other device that threatens to interrupt your practice (Lane, 2019).

Train Your Ear

Listening to professional pianists and paying attention to their work can help you improve your own technique. Playing by ear also allows you to improvise and gain inspiration to define your own style. And technique for the movement of your hands (Roussey, 2016). You can get inspiration from pianists by attending concerts and recitals or simply searching the Internet: “You must know what ‘great’ sounds like so you can sound great too” (10 piano tips to remember, 2019).

Try to imitate the piano solos that catch your attention and then try to improve them. This is how you get to know yourself as a pianist and discover what makes you special: “This is the opportunity to go from being great to being unique” (10 piano tips to remember, 2019).

Have Fun And Reward Yourself

Make sure you have fun during your practice. It is recommended that you start your session by playing a piece that you enjoy. Preferably something that you play very well. This tactic helps you start with a lot of confidence (10 piano tips to remember, 2019).

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The 7 First Steps to Learn to Play the Guitar

You have finally decided, you have a guitar, with strings and even a pick. You already have everything to take your first steps with the guitar and emulate your favorite guitarists. The time has come to learn to play but with so much information available, youtube, books, etc., you wonder where do I start?!

Discover the best of Mexican food in 5 places

Our country is an immense source of ingredients and culinary techniques of the highest quality, that is why millions of people live in love with Mexican gastronomy, for these reasons today we bring you the best of Mexican food in 5 places that they will surprise you.

Be proud of the Mexican nation by tasting the most exquisite and representative dishes of the country in one of the restaurants that we present below.

Eight Crows Restaurant Zapopan

Discover Mexican food

The Mexican cuisine of this place will surprise you with its exquisite selection of seafood and the most extensive wine tasting.

Ocho Cuervos is the first venue in Guadalajara to offer the concept of a Wine Boutique with tastings, specializing in distillates, beers, and red wines with a wide variety to satisfy all types of tastes.

In addition, enjoy the delicious Mexican gastronomic proposal made up of dishes where Salmon and the taco grill stand out, which you cannot miss if you eat.

The concept of this place invites you to taste a wide variety of dishes from lunch to dinner. They open their doors for you every day from 1:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

Latin Restaurant 8 San Jose

Delicious regional Mexican dishes and cocktails are what awaits you at this restaurant.

Latino 8 offers you a menu with national and international dishes, but within its varieties, they prefer their refreshing ceviches that you can accompany with a cocktail or a cold beer.

If you want to spend an evening in a warm and relaxing atmosphere, Latino 8 has what you are looking for with personalized service to give you the best experience.

For all this, it has been characterized as one of the most famous venues worldwide. So if you’re in Los Cabos, don’t hesitate to go from 1:30 pm to 10:00 pm any day of the week.

Restaurant The 3rd Round World E

If you are in the center of the republic, this restaurant has the ideal menu to satisfy your hunger, very Mexican.

The 3rd Round offers you all kinds of traditional dishes, snacks, and dishes made especially to share. Their menu includes shrimp bulls, suadero chalupas, ribeye pork rinds, or something lighter but traditional like the Malinche salad.

The inspiration of this place is based on the canteens of the city center, standing out for offering triple shots, distillates, and all kinds of drinks of the highest quality.

If you are eager to go, do not forget the section of tacos, tortas, and tlayudas. The 3rd Round awaits you from Monday to Sunday from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Yes Lord Garden Vallarta Restaurant

If you want to delight your eyes with a beautiful view while enjoying Mexican food, this is the ideal place for you.

Si Señor Garden offers the best regional Mexican dishes from moles, tortilla soup, cuts of meat, seafood, and its unique handmade tortillas. Accompany your dishes with cocktails of unique excellence in presentation.

Enjoy its view of the garden in a unique environment that fills you with the spirit of Mexican cuisine while you taste its excellence in each dish.

Yes, Señor Garden is a place on the Pacific coast that awaits you from 11:00 in the morning until 11:00 pm every day.

Jazmin’s Restaurant San Jose del Cabo

If what you are looking for is an offer that brings together dishes from every corner of Mexico, this restaurant is waiting for you.

Jazmin’s Restaurant has been characterized by offering quality service and attention to all its customers for more than 25 years. In addition to its excellence in traditional dishes from all over Mexico.

This corner is the favorite of Mexican families and foreign tourists who come to Cabo, to taste Mexican snacks, cuts of meat, and seafood. Highlighting in each of these the excellence of the Mexican tradition.

From breakfast to dinner Jazmin’s Restaurant awaits you to give you a unique service from 8:00 in the morning until 10:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.


Recipes for a homemade pizza: 10 Italian cooking tips

If you like to prepare homemade pizza, you probably have a good recipe, but learning some pro tips will help you get great results. It is simply about getting everyone at home to feel excited about the announcement: “for dinner, there is homemade pizza”.

Italian Cooking Tips For A Perfect Pizza

perfect homemade pizza

Do Not Wash The Dough Container With Detergent

It is recommended to have a bowl that you use only to make the pizza dough. Do not wash it with detergents, but with water and vinegar.

Trick To Know If The Dough Is Ready

To find out if the dough has fermented enough, do the following test: take a ball of dough and place it in a glass of water. If it floats, the dough is ready.

Don’t Use The Rolling Pin

If the dough has been ready, do not use the rolling pin to stretch it. Spread the dough with your hands, pressing from the center to the edges and from the top to the bottom.

In the end, distribute the dough on the baking sheet, resting the fingertips on the dough, so that there are holes, which will help the oil and sauce to permeate.

Place Only A Veil Of Tomato Sauce

Do not exaggerate the amount of tomato. Simply pour 2-3 tablespoons of tomato sauce over the dough and spread it out. When you spread the sauce, create a very thin layer, like a veil that allows you to see a little of the dough underneath.

Regulate The Oven Well

Turn on the oven at 200 °C and wait for it to heat up well. For 5 minutes, bake the pizza on the bottom, then move it to the top shelf and lower the temperature to 180°C.

Use A Good Cheese And Take Care That It Does Not Burn

In pizza, cheese is very important. It can be mozzarella, provolone cheese, or a mixture of them, and you should place it a moment before removing the pizza from the oven, depending on the cooking time of the recipe.

Put The Raw Ham, Salami And Arugula Afterwards

Raw ham and salami are placed on top of the pizza when it is removed from the oven, just long enough for them to barely heat up and not cook. The same with arugula, which is placed raw and chopped into pieces with your hands.

Arrange The Cherry Tomatoes Skin Side Up

If you are going to add cherry tomatoes, make sure it is in season, so they are fresh and improve the flavor of the pizza. You should wash them, dry them, cut them in half, and place them on the pizza, skin side up.

Add The Pre-Cooked Vegetables On The Griddle

If you are going to use peppers, aubergines, or zucchini, cook them on the grill before putting them on the pizza. Otherwise, they will be raw.

Cut Raw Vegetables Very Finely

If you are adding carrots, onions, bell peppers, or other raw vegetables, cut them into very thin strips. Take the opportunity to decorate the pizza with them, playing with colors.

Fresh herbs such as basil, are placed when covering the pizza with the cheese. So that they do not dry out, you can dip them in a little olive oil before using them.

Share these professional tricks to make homemade pizza. Your cook friends will love to meet them. Leave us your comments and your Italian cooking tips to make a perfect pizza at home.


Know the top four Mexican songs of all time

September is already approaching and surely many are preparing to celebrate the biggest festival in Mexico. During this month (September) many of us Mexicans are very happy and not only because this month we feel more Mexican than ever but because, as some may already know, during this month comes that bridge that we longed for so much because surely many did not have not even a little break during the summer holidays. So don’t worry and start preparing, organizing yourself to choose the place that you want to visit so much and thus enjoy that mega bridge that will be from September 12 to 15 or celebrate El Grito with all your enthusiasm.

But hey, why not from now on start feeling more Mexican than ever and proud of those good things that our country has and that represents us before other countries, such as starting with those Mexican songs that most represent Mexico and that surely in some Sometimes you have sung them or at least you have even heard them from your grandparents.

Cute And Dear Cielito

Best Mexican songs

If you were attentive, you already know that this song was the most sung during Mexico’s matches in the World Cup and of course it is the best-known song in the world, obviously, we could not leave it until the end because it is a song that we distinguish and that when we listen to it anywhere I think that most of us want to put on the charro hat or the green shirt and sing so loud:

Knowing some interesting facts about this song such as: that it is one of the informal symbols of Mexico, it was created by the Mexican Quirino Mendoza y Cortés inspired by his wife, a song sung by several prominent artists, the song that cannot be missed in the world and also the inspiration for the name of some companies such as Cielito Café.

Beautiful And Dear Mexico

In the number 2 place, we have this song that without a doubt during the month of September we will be listening to it very often throughout the country, because it is a song that makes us feel proud of the Mexican land in which we live, and of course, yes We have so many beautiful landscapes that you will not be able to find in other countries as well as the countless traditions that exist around Mexico.

Some interesting facts about this song are: it is a song known in many international countries and more so in the American continent, it was created in 1921 by Moreliano Chucho Monge, but not until then it was famous thanks to the artist and actor Jorge Negrete.

Surely for our friends, family, or acquaintances who are in another country, when listening to this song they feel some nostalgia for being far from their homeland.

My City

We will also be listening to this song much and more in the center of the country, as it was created with the inspiration of Mexico City, some may know the lyrics and when singing it they are filled with emotion and pride, but others have simply heard it from Luis Miguel. Although let me tell you that this song was made by a great artist born in Merida, Yucatán.

Let’s see, then why create a song inspired by Mexico City and not where he was born (Mérida)? Well, it’s simple, since José Alfonso Ontiveros Carrillo, better known as Guadalupe Trigo, lived most of his life in Mexico City, in a few words since he was a child, that is why he became fond of this city, as they say. the artist who fell in love with his people.

Currently, we have heard it from many artists, among them are: María de Lourdes, Lola Beltrán, Vicente Fernández and the artist that I have personally heard this song the most is Luis Miguel, until now the last one who has released an album with this song.

The Son Of The Black

Who does not know this song? For the national holidays, this is one of the Mexican songs most listened. And danced throughout the country by different groups of folk dances. It is also one of the most representative of Mexico to the world because not only its song but also the dance is well known. The costumes that are used are so beautiful and colorful that they suggest diversity, traditions. And customs that our country has.

Some interesting facts about this song are that it was composed by Blas Galindo in 1940, born in Jalisco; the song was presented for the first time during the Mexican music program; It is also said that it was a song composed during the time of Independence of Mexico.


5 special places to experience the best Colombian coffee

Colombia is a coffee-growing country, recognized worldwide for the quality of its coffee, which has more than 550 municipalities that produce this grain throughout its territory. So the diversity of Colombia is not only cultural, gastronomic, or geographical: it is also evident in the flavors of its coffee.

Until a while ago, good coffee was intended only for export. Today, for the fortune of all, we can try at home what makes us so famous abroad. Here we present some specially selected places, where you can live experiences of 100% Colombian coffee in Bogotá. Of course, do not expect to pay the price of a cafeteria red wine: after all, you will drink one of the best coffees in the world and that is worth it.

Café San Alberto

best Colombian coffee in Bogota

It is a coffee of experts and tradition. This place located in Usaquén (see map at the end of the article) is the most awarded coffee in Colombia, as indicated by its slogan and the international awards that proudly hang on one of its walls.

San Alberto was born in the cradle of Colombian coffee: Buenavista, Quindío, in the Eje Cafetero where they have their hacienda of the same name and their first point of sale where they can have a cup of coffee while admiring the green coffee plantations from the top of the mountain. Its beans are carefully selected through the manual five-fold selection process that guarantees the quality and consistency of the final drink.

With other locations in Cartagena and at the Gold Museum in Bogotá, San Alberto offers a complete sensory experience of Colombian coffee whether you decide to do your ‘Coffee Baptism’ ritual or just go hang out and taste its flavor. I recommend one of their filtered coffees -Chemex, drip cone, siphon, or French press-, which are prepared at the table. While the ground coffee mixes with the water, drip little by little, and its smell is accentuated, the waiters explain in detail the characteristics of the coffee and answer the questions of the customers.

Perfect Love

He is the expert of the experts. Perfect Love is a coffee roasting company that offers high-quality beans and beverages, and that uses advanced technology in its processes. Here, the love for coffee and the red heart that characterizes its logo is always present.

In addition to international awards, it also has baristas who are national champions and have represented the country in competitions around the world. The brand is a supplier of restaurants, hotels, and companies nationwide, and for a few years, it has had three stores in Bogotá: one in Usaquén, another in Chapinero Alto, and another near Parque de la 93, plus offices in Medellín and Cali.

Two of its establishments have something very special: the perfect combination of coffee with something else. In Usaquén, there is Perfect Love Free Union where they sell coffee and ice cream. After all, coffee always pairs well with something sweet. Coffee cocktails are another option worth trying.

Public Cupping Coffee

It is an educational cafe. The store is located in Usaquén and its main objective is to educate both Colombians and visitors. This is evident in the employees, who have great knowledge of the subject and are in charge of guiding customers in choosing a coffee that they like. As ironic as it may seem, Colombians – so well known for our coffee – we know very little about it.

They are a roasting company with more than 20 Colombian coffees from different municipalities of the country to choose from. Its cement floors, its lamps with a somewhat industrial touch, the white brick walls, the plan of the place hanging on the wall, and the laboratory in the background, gives the feeling of being in a factory or a well-decorated warehouse.

The water-filtered coffees are prepared at the table while the expert explains the process and how it should be taken. The coffee must first be smelled dry, then wet when the water is added and finally it is recommended to try it in four sips since the last two are the ones that give the real flavor of the drink.

There are tastings and courses for all levels. Whether it is for having a cup of coffee, for learning more about the subject, for trying their coffee soda, or for the coffee beer that they developed with the BBC (Bogotá Beer Company), this place is worth visiting.

Orange blossom Coffee

It is conscious coffee. This place, named after the flower of the coffee plant, is a good place to taste Colombian coffee and to transparently support its producers.

In Azahar, they are exporters of green coffee and they roast the coffee only to sell it in the local market and to use it in their stores. They tour the farms of the country, meet and share stories about farmers and their families. They are committed to buying coffee directly from producers, at a fair price. Their main plant is in Armenia in the Coffee Axis and they have two stores in Bogotá, in Parque 93 and San Felipe.

The filtered coffee is prepared by the barista at the bar and brought to the table with a card that describes the profile of the cup. There they specify the name of the producer, the municipality and the department of origin, the height of cultivation, the notes of its flavor, and the purchase price from the producer, which is educational and at the same time responsible.

The headquarters of Parque de la 93 is the main one. Its atmosphere combines the industrial and the modern with the natural, through its decoration with geometric shapes in polygons, natural fiber lamps, and plants that not only give a touch of life to the place but also separate the spaces in a simple way.

Their style and the R&B music in the background evoke an industrial bar in a container, which was in fact in one of these that they had their first place.

Cafe del Eje

It is a relaxed and cozy cafe. Located on Calle 109 con 15, is a small and very nice place. With its origin coffee from the Eje Cafetero, roasted daily, but above all with its calm and relaxed atmosphere, it is a great choice to have a good time. They do introductory events to coffee tasting and it’s the only one of the cafes I visited that offers at least a couple of gluten-free options in their patisserie.

Its sophisticated decoration contrasts the modern and the industrial touch with a style that more closely resembles a European cafe with tiles and mosaics on the floor. The walls and their cozy corners with leather chairs with large arms, and its terrace surrounded by plants, definitely make this a pleasant and comfortable place.

It is a perfect place to work any day of the week or to arrive by bicycle on a Sunday to have a cup of coffee, as it is close to one of the main roads of the bike path and there is where to park your bike. In addition, its terrace is dog-friendly, so it is a very good weekend plan that includes your bike and your pet.


5 best restaurants with live music (food and music) in New York

Let’s tell the truth: tourism does not only go through unmissable places, there are also experiences that one should not miss. Specific case: cross off the traveling list to go see a band in a New York club. The issue is where right? Do not despair, that is what we are for, below we leave you some little bars that will fulfill your pendant with a medal of honor. Lots of jazz, some indie, and even DJ sets. Just read!

You like food and music a lot, you walk down the street with headphones flashing movie according to the song that sounds. You are a fan of the sensation experienced in recitals, regardless of the band or singer on duty. Of course, for your music is another way of traveling. So, better write down these 5 coordinates to enjoy another side of New York.

Blue Note Jazz Club – Greenwich Village

A temple of jazz. Yes, we say temple, because it is a musical milestone of almost 30 years on the courts. And you will know that if something lasts so long, especially in New York, it is because it actually has something good to offer.

Here, the recipe is jazz in large quantities, with many versions and a bar that accompanies very well. In fact, so good is Blue Note, that it has locations all over the world. From Milan to Tokyo. So, without a doubt, it is a must if you declare yourself a music fanatic.

Baby’s All Right – Brooklyn

best food and music restaurant

It is a very cool spot, aligned to its best Brooklyn style. From the logo, the name, and even the place, they have an ultra retro and very cool style. For this reason, the movie is more indie than anything else. Although, don’t be fooled, because DJ sets are also featured from time to time.

The best thing about Baby’s is that the space is not that big, so you will see it in a super intimate setting. Who tells you, you end up having a few drinks with the band.

Bell House – Brooklyn

There are people who say that no good bands emerged after the 90s, and for them – back in 2008 – they opened Bell House. An under-style bar, but with hits playing 24/7.

Live bands are presented, yes, and always with a retro imprint. So if you want to get nostalgic and flash it for a bit, you can come to this side of Brooklyn and go back to the last century. It is more of a concert hall than anything else, but that it has a very good bar, nobody disputes it.

In addition, if you are of the humorous stick, earlier there are stand-up presentations and even live radio programs. So, choose your own adventure. Of course, before facing her, check on her Instagram what is the one of that day.

Fat cat – West Village

It has a bar, it has games, it has live music. The offer, as you will see, is quite complete and above all fun.

Fat Cat is rather under coordinate, as are musical locations for these payments. Precisely for that reason, the deco does not play a fundamental role. Here the important thing is in the experience. Proof of that, there are the ping pong, foosball, pool, shuffleboard, and even chess tables. And so many other games, because here, either he has a good time, or he does not. There are more than 5 tables of each one, imagine the number of people. Therefore, if you come as a tourist, they are the key to making friends with the odd locals. Yes, you are warned, the target here is 100% New Yorker.

And if it is here, it is because live music does not fail either. In the midst of so much playful activity, there is a stage that invites many jazz figures to immerse themselves in the musical culture around here.

It is truly the ultimate for ranching, having fun for a while, and being amazed by emerging jazz artists.

Nublu 151 – East Village

Did you see that in every Hollywood romantic comedy they say that when you get married you have to wear something old, something new and something blue? Well, all that happens here. Blue, because of the light that illuminates the entrance, old because its music reminds you – nonstop – of bygone times, and new because it was founded in modern New York.

I’m not telling you to get married around here, no, but I am telling you to come and have long and long fun under the effects of jazz and some DJ sets. In Nublu 151, to give you an idea, Norah Jones played in the beginning. It is the bar-bolichón to enjoy the musical vibe of New York and while you are, do it with shots of Sake in hand. Yes, it is their specialty, so don’t ever leave without trying any of that.

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When music and cuisine go hand in hand?

Did you know that “Table Music” reached its highest levels during the Baroque? And that the flute glasses owe their name to a musical instrument? Music and cuisine walk together since ancient times and are made for each other.

For the Greeks and Romans, music was an essential element during convivialities. Nero’s passion for music is well known: it is said that during his exhibitions no one could leave the room even in dire need.

All gastronomy fans know that Marco Gavio Aparicio was a contemporary. Roman patrician with the emperors Augustus and Tiberius who squandered his fortune on opulent evenings. And that at the end of one of them, he toasted with a glass of poison. What is perhaps less known is that there is a 1971 work (Apicius modulates) composed by Jan Novák that is inspired by some recipes from De re co Maquinaria, the gastronomy treatise attributed to this gourmet.

music and cuisine made for each other

According to Roberto Iovino and Ileana Mattison’s book Gastronomic Symphony Eros (Music and Cuisine), during the Middle Ages troubadours and troubadours. Their musical and poetic compositions from one banquet to another and the Opera was forged in the 17th century during the festivals of the nobility.

The perfect synthesis of the marriage between food and music was the Tafelmusik. A musical entertainment organized by and for a sumptuously prepared table. This genre developed in Germany between the 17th and mid-18th centuries, although this practice was common throughout Europe.

Sometimes gastronomy has found its way into the musical language and vice versa. At the Opera, a fragment of a secondary character was called “sorbet aria” thought of as a kind of pause between two musical highlights, like a sorbet during a meal.

The Melba Peaches, a universal classic signed by Auguste Escoffier, are a tribute to the famous Australian singer Nellie Melba. Who met the cook in London during the first performance of Wagner’s Lohengrin in Covent Garden. By the way, the flute glass owes its name to the flute, of which it imitates the elongated shape.

For the futurist Marinetti, music had to be limited to the intervals between plates, taking care to reestablish, like a straw, the “tasting virginity”. In the 20th century, music took a secondary role in gastronomic occasions: we stood up or ate fast food and the musicians were replaced by radio or recordings.

Even so, music continues to represent a resource and an ingredient for those who dedicate themselves to the kitchen.

Without going any further, the Melba Peaches were one of the dishes of the last meal served at elBulli. Which closed its doors on July 30, 2011, sporting 3 MICHELIN stars. What happened during that intense, last day can be seen in the documentary elBulli, the last waltz.

El Somni is a project of the three brothers Joan, Josep, and Jordi Roca. They are under the command of El Celler de Can Roca (Girona, 3 MICHELIN stars). It is an opera in twelve courses and dinner in twelve acts, but above all an ambitious attempt to create bridges between gastronomy and the other arts. Among them, music, from opera to singing through electronics.

Music is also one of the pillars of A Fuego Negro. An establishment in the old town of Donostia-San Sebastián indicated in the MICHELIN guide. This creative pinchos bar owes its name to two passions that have always animated it. The passion for music and cuisine. In 2009, A Fuego Negro even launched a book CD. Entitled Pintxatu in which 19 of its culinary creations follow one another to the rhythm of 19 tracks by national and international artists.


Music for studying: How it can help you in concentration

Could listening to music to study be a good idea? Here are some tips for studying with music that stimulates concentration. Find out if classical, pop, or rock music is better. There is nothing wrong with listening to music while studying but it mustn’t cause you to lose focus.

What do Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and YouTube have in common? If you said they are some of your virtual venues chosen to listen to your favorite music, then you may want to tune in more often. Did you know that studying with the right kind of music can make you feel less stressed, more focused, and dare we say it, smarter? It is true.

Let’s face it, nobody likes to study or at least spend the afternoons elaborating notions and concepts. But how good is it that music can be just what you need to make reading books easier and make your studies more productive?

Do you want to know more about the right musical choice? So get comfortable, grab your headphones and learn how to concentrate on your study you need the right melody for your ears and your mind.

How to choose music to study: 10 tips

Have you ever listened to music to study? It is said that to study it is necessary to have a quiet environment, without distractions. But it seems that for some, studying in a quiet environment is counterproductive. This “quiet environment” can make you succumb to boredom, thus giving in to the charm of falling asleep on your desk! This is why the importance of choosing the right music for the studio cannot be underestimated.

While some studies say that listening to music while studying is not recommended, for many people it is essential. It is that little bit more, which can lead to studying productively. The music helps to improve mood and therefore motivation to study longer.

The real challenge is to select the right music to study. Wrong study music can end up distracting you from your learning.

So today I offer you some tips and ideas on how to choose the best music to study!

Tip # 1 Classical music while studying

Listening to classical music while studying helps concentration. Classical music is peaceful and harmonious and is one of the best options to listen to when studying.

Tip # 2

Some say that listening to Mozart improves mental performance. It is a rather controversial scientific theory. They call it the “Mozart Effect”.

Tip # 3 Ambient instrumental

Ambient music is used as relaxing music for many occasions. This type of music is more modern than classical and has a similar effect. For example, I personally find that movie soundtracks always have their positive effect.

Tip # 4

Listen to the sounds of nature, such as rain, waves, jungle while studying. While this isn’t really music, it is relaxing nonetheless and you will feel light or like you are somewhere else.

Tip # 5

Music to study the Mozart Effect If you’re studying, don’t blast the music of a rave party! Music for studying takes effect if the volume is moderate.

Relaxing background music is best. The higher the volume, the more distracting it will be. The main purpose is to study in a relaxed way.

When you are done studying, then it will be time to pump that “that gets you” music! Does the liberating effect tell you something?

Tip # 6

Create a playlist with all your favorite songs in advance or at least 15 minutes long. So you will avoid having to search for new songs every 3 minutes.

There is a huge choice of relaxing music to study on Youtube, which lasts up to 3 hours straight. This will save you time, allow you to plan your study period, and help your concentration level while you are studying.

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Discover the hidden links between music and Food

The link between music and food is a very strong relationship, not only because it is long-lasting, but because it is closely linked to the history of man. This union involved very different aspects related to food and became concrete through different forms and aspects.

Hidden links between music and Food

The first things that come to mind when talking about this relationship are the poems and symphonies that were played during banquets held by the upper classes, with the main function of entertaining the guests and cheering up the banquet. In this regard, Georg Philipp Telemann, German composer, and organist wrote a special symphony in the 18th century to accompany the receptions of the nobles of his time.

If we think about it in primitive communities, music, and food, in some respects, had a common purpose: to exorcise, propitiate, drive away; magical, esoteric, and meaningful functions that actually shortened the (apparent) distances between these two worlds.

The initial common intent of these two great parts of human knowledge, under different aspects, meant that they not only almost inevitably became part of human culture but that their respective characteristics influenced each other.

Food enters music in different ways

With different intensities and through situations that differ from each other: songs, operas, theatrical performances, and much more. Erik Satie, a French composer, and pianist of the second half of the nineteenth century, indirectly recognized the importance of daily habits and nutrition in the life of an intellectual. A sort of Decalogue containing the foods that the eccentric but brilliant composer used to eat, perfect proof of how the combination I have talked about so far is undeniably present and complex.

The example just mentioned helps to highlight another very important aspect: the presence of the kitchen in the life of the musicians. Not always known and appreciated. It is precisely these that are sometimes present in a more or less veiled way in their works and, in a more decisive form, in private writings.

It is precisely through these examples that we understand this very close bond that generates, as often happens, very interesting mutual contaminations that often lead to real “cultural” encroachments.

The presence of food in music

It is not only a fine style but over the centuries. It has also been expressed in other cultures and countries. It is essentially due to multiple factors: preferences or passions, the desire to amaze and show magnificence, criticism and social denunciation, and, last but not least, the desire to document (directly or indirectly) real fashions. This last aspect is important not only to better define the contours of the relationship I am discussing but also to trace the historical and cultural profiles of society.

From the cases presented so far, it would seem that the relationship is fundamentally unique. The kitchen enters the musical sphere. In reality, the opposite has happened (and still happens). Let’s think of revolutionary and unconventional futurist cuisine. In this way of understanding the culinary art, the experience with food was also mediated through the use of perfumes, plays of light and colors, very particular textures, rather extravagant combinations.

In our case, the use of music is not the accompaniment of the dish. Here is the revolutionary act) as an active part of the gustatory experience. It is precisely through this perspective that his presence in the various moments in which a dish was presented and tasted assumed an essential role.

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Benefits of listening to music while eating

There are benefits of listening to music when cooking, but eating there is also a pleasant influence that will positively affect our body.

Eating with music improves digestion, as it provides a positive and more relaxed environment. Digestion is much heavier when stressed, so listening to music can help your body and mind relax. Let’s see the benefits of listening to music while eating.

Something very important to consider is that the body absorbs nutrients better when it is calm, so music is the perfect element to free you from stress and nervousness when it comes to eating.

Music also has the power that we eat correctly: the same rhythm helps us chew food for the necessary time, setting a healthy rhythm.

Along with this, music avoids unnecessary distractions that can cause us to overeat. That is, we can eat more consciously if we listen to music.

Benefits of listening to music while eating

It is not a new thing to mention that music has great power in us. Doing a simple practice like listening to your favorite song generates feelings of excitement. It can reduce stress in people, especially when you hear something that you like and is related to your mood.

In addition, this also influences the level of productivity. According to a study by the University of Maryland in the USA, it mentions that any activity carried out with music obtains better returns, especially when a person performs creative work or is involved in routine situations.

It should be noted that music must tune us to rhythms that develop an optimal sound to motivate the auditory sense and improve our concentration. Therefore it is necessary to have the correct equipment.

But how does this happen? The brain can register everything that passes through your ears. For this reason, music plays an important role when it comes to entertaining the less conscious part of our mind. When preparing a recipe, the rhythm of the music exerts a positive influence of ambiance to motivate, amuse and lighten the work in the kitchen.

It is recommended especially for those who do not like to cook and maintain a negative mood. Listening to music while preparing food can help reduce stress and develop a source of inspiration. It is even a means to optimize time management because each song has a certain duration.

Of course, it should be noted that listening to music when you do activities that involve a minimum of concentration has both advantages and disadvantages. In addition to being a stimulating factor, it can become a distraction that leads to mistakes or accidents. An investigation by the University of Maryland, published in the British Medical Journal, revealed that in the last 6 years, accidents due to headphones tripled.

In short, this type of system abstracts the person from their surroundings, which can mean a danger when cooking. For this reason, it is recommended that, if you want to make music your ally in culinary art, you make use of speakerphone and wireless systems.

On the other hand, according to studies from the American Cornell University published in the journal Psychological Reports, eating and listening to music at the same time directly influences people’s digestion and achieves changes in the perception of taste and appetite.

Eating with a feeling of relaxation allows us to ingest about 175 calories less, on average, in each meal and we can enjoy our food much more. On the contrary, if you eat with stress or emotional charge, the five senses are not used to properly taste food.

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Health and music festivals: seven tips to get out unscathed

Watch the conditions of what you eat, avoid mayonnaise and other sauces with raw eggs, meats that are not properly cooked, and plan your meals in advance depending on the accommodation

During the summer and especially in these environments it will be essential that you take care of your hydration by drinking enough water

Avoid areas near the speakers and take some small plugs with you just in case. There are special ones that, although they do not avoid listening, cushion the pressure on the eardrum

Eat Right

To begin with, and according to the data that this comparator has had access to, eating healthy can prevent up to 8 out of 10 diseases. It also reduces the risk of being overweight, chronic diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart problems, cancers, etc. That the festival is not the excuse to eat badly.

Watch the conditions of what you eat, avoid mayonnaise and other sauces with raw eggs, meats that are not properly cooked, and plan your meals in advance depending on the accommodation. If you have chosen an apartment it will be easier, but if you sleep in the camping it will be more limited. In that case, the idea is to do it with a small refrigerator and include ingredients such as ham, cheese, nuts, muesli, fruit, and other vacuum-packed foods.

Do not forget to brush your teeth after each meal, plaque begins to act after seven minutes. Also, brush your tongue and take the dental floss with you. If you forget and don’t have access to a supermarket, use paper napkins and water to remove as much plaque as possible.

Sun protection

Protect your skin from the sun and choose the most appropriate sunscreen based on its characteristics, how and when to apply it, and so on. Apply the cream at least half an hour before going out in the sun and apply it regularly. Look at the protection factor (SPF) and verify that it has UV and UVA protection. And that it has the CE seal – means that it has passed the controls of the European Union.

Also, protect your eyes and choose suitable glasses. You should know that not using them increases the risk of aging of the retina and that it is related to a greater number of eye diseases. The lenses should have the same CE label and a minimum UV filter of 99%. Keep an eye on the category number of the filter and don’t be guided by the color of the lens.

Hydrate well

During the summer and especially in these environments it will be essential that you take care of your hydration by drinking enough water. To this must be added the effect of alcoholic beverages that are usually consumed at festivals, which increase dehydration.

Protect your eardrums

While enjoying music is the great goal of any festivalgoer, doing so does not require damaging their eardrums. And is that any sound that exceeds 80 decibels can be traumatic for the ear. Avoid areas near the speakers and take some small plugs with you just in case. There are special ones that, although they do not avoid listening, cushion the pressure on the eardrum. They will also help you to fall asleep and for the pool if there is one.

Remember to dry your ears when you get out of the water with the towel. And be careful with dives and dives, especially from great heights, where the pressure change is noticeable. And where there is the sudden entry of water into the ear canal. Do not bathe in waters that are not clean enough, especially in ponds and the like, a source of germs and bacteria.

Footwear and clothing: what to pack

Equip yourself with the appropriate clothing for the festival and pack a warm garment, preferably a comfortable and loose jacket that allows you to cover yourself if the temperatures drop. Find out about the weather before you leave and stay away from colds.

Regarding footwear, the best thing to do to go to a festival is to do it with closed footwear, preferably breathable. Forget heels, uncomfortable sandals, and others. These celebrations usually take place in open places, where dust and other external agents are the order of the day. Also, be aware that crowds can expose your feet to stomping and other impacts that could damage them. Do not forget to bring some flip-flops to avoid fungus in the camping showers, and pack socks that let your feet breathe.

Keep calm

Our mood is capable of influencing our behavior and is part of our mental health. And sometimes nerves can play tricks on us. To avoid surprises, the best thing to do is to organize the trip in advance, prepare all the documentation in advance, and even get travel insurance to avoid surprises. These are especially useful in case of traveling abroad, if the transport company – plane, train or the like – loses our luggage, steals us, an emergency situation occurs that forces us to return, and so on.

If you are going to travel by car, check the conditions of your policy for roadside assistance; “Some companies offer their clients another vehicle so that nothing stops their journey, but others only cover certain kilometers afterward”, comments Carlos Bruggemann, co-founder of Before picking it up, likewise, check it properly (one in four drivers does not). Find out about traffic conditions and the best way to go before leaving home to avoid the crowds that this type of event usually entails. Once at the venue, setting up a meeting point with your friends is another trick that will allow you to stay calm.

Beyond what has been commented on and in somewhat more general terms. You should not forget to bring a small small aid kit that has the essentials: plasters, hydrogen peroxide, gauze, tape, some analgesic and anti-inflammatory, a few scissors, iodine, etc. . And don’t forget about the prophylactics!

In case of going to a festival abroad, check if your health policy has assistance outside our borders. You can also hire a specific one. Something that would not hurt, especially if you are going to travel outside the European Union (the European Health Card allows access to the national health system of those countries of the European Economic Area, but there are public co-payment and reimbursement systems). The ideal thing is to acquire one that covers illness, accident, and evacuation of the patient by medicalized plane. And if any risky activities are to be carried out, the coverage must specify them.

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These are the benefits of eating while listening to music!

Music and food are great allies. That is why, at MercadoRoma Coyoacán, we enjoy organizing Jazz and DJ nights to offer you a very complete and balanced culinary experience.

And the thing is, music brings us great benefits when we enjoy it with a plate. And we, to encourage you to enjoy a night of Jazz and/or DJ, we share some of the benefits of listening to music while you eat:

Improves digestion

Here we show how mood influences our body. To have correct digestion it is essential to have a  relaxed and positive environment, so the music will be your faithful ally to build it.

We eat what is necessary

We tend to unconsciously understand the action of eating as secondary, giving more importance to what we are doing while we eat. Watching television or chatting with other people distracts us in such a way that we do not realize if we are chewing correctly or, even, it makes us so distracted that our brain does not detect that we are satiated and continues to demand more food. The music ends all this, making it clear that the important thing is your diet.

Helps to lose weight

Many people want to lose weight, but recognize that it costs them a lot to consume fewer calories each day. Music can also help us at this point and is that various studies have determined that eating while listening to relaxing music causes us to ingest  175 calories less since it will keep our stress at bay.

Makes us happier

Among the benefits of music we find increasing our optimism, and more if we are accompanied. In fact, mealtime can be seen as a break from our routine to  ‘recharge our batteries and continue our day with much more energy.

Create an entire experience

There is nothing better than eating typical food from another country and having music in the background that takes us to those far away places, something that can be complied with the high variety of international food that we have in MercadoRoma Coyoacán. So, if you want to enjoy a meal with experience included, feel free to put this technique into practice. You will not regret it!

So, now that you visit us for a Jazz or DJ Night, have dinner and enjoy your dishes in a better way by spending a unique night in MercadoRoma Coyoacán, since each week these events have 100% free admission. We will wait for you here!

Valentine’s Day 2021: Ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day in times of a Pandemic

Although there are still a few days to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2021, it may be that this year, is still suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, which forces many couples to change their plans regarding how they usually celebrate this day. However, we do not have to be discouraged because the truth is that there are many ideas, we have so that this next Valentine’s Day is the most special of all.

Valentine’s Day 2021: Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Although any other year a good plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day could be to have a date in a restaurant having dinner by candlelight or to make a getaway to a romantic hotel, this year and due to the pandemic the best solution may be, Or the best plan is to stay home and prepare something special. So, in case you know what to do exactly or need a little inspiration, nothing like resorting to the series of ideas that we offer you below:

Romantic Dinner at Home

Staying home with your better half is a perfect idea to strengthen, recreate or establish a magical intimacy; In addition to what we say, it turns out that it is the best plan in these times. To get the most out of your evening, avoid cooking too much, as you risk falling asleep on the couch after you’ve finished cooking. You can prepare a simple menu, accompanied by a bottle of wine, and a special dessert that you can buy instead of cooking. To make everything more beautiful and special, you can dine on the terrace, with some candles or indoors, with a little soft music in the background and little lighting to make everything much more romantic.

Home Theater Session

A simple plan that you have probably already put into practice on more than one occasion during the days of confinement, but since what we are going to celebrate is Valentine’s Day, nothing like choosing a romantic movie that you both like or that you have not yet viewed. To this, you have to add a blanket and some good popcorn or order a pizza or that restaurant meal that you like the most (and that you know that they can take you home, due to the issue of restrictions and the closure of many businesses, so it is better to do the consultation with time).

Special Massage

What better way than to start Valentine’s Day by relaxing, but don’t choose any specialized center, but transform your bedroom into a massage center. To achieve this, you just have to turn off the light, light some scented candles, put on relaxing background music, prepare the bed or better if you have a suitable stretcher, on which to place a soft sheet and a few rose petals, heat an oil indicated to massage and give your partner a relaxing massage. It is sure to be a very intimate and romantic moment that you will always remember.

Dinner in Bed

Whether you cook yourself or order food at home (we remind you that it is better that you check first if the restaurant you want to call is open) you can organize dinner on your bed in your bedroom and accompanied by a good wine or if You prefer it, from a bottle of champagne. It may seem strange, but it is very relaxing, and also if you think about it you will not miss anything, since you can enjoy great company, your favorite food, something to toast and what is undoubtedly the most comfortable place in the whole home.

Hot Bath

This is a perfect idea only for those who have a bathtub at home. If so, you can take the opportunity to enjoy a nice hot bath together, but creating a romantic atmosphere with scented candles and background music. Enjoy the moment in complete relaxation and add if you can, a few rose petals in the water, it will surely be a romantic surprise to receive your partner. If you like them, you can also add a few bath salts that have a special aroma and that will also help you relax much more.

Get Out of The Routine

Surprise your partner by doing something you normally never do. If we were not in a pandemic, this could imply going to a concert or renting a balloon ride, for example, but if we have to stay at home we can for example: cook as a couple, paint a picture, organize an activity that we have to follow online (such as a yoga class) or even create a photo album of our dates from previous years,

Romantic Games

The last of the plans that we propose to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to prepare some romantic games to liven up the night. You just have to make some cards and write on them all kinds of kisses that you can think of, then fold them and put them in a box and ask your partner to take one of the cards from inside the box. He will have to kiss you exactly as it is written on the card that he has drawn.

Easy Orange Turkey or Chicken Soup Recipe

Serves/Makes: 6 servings


  • 2 cups cooked turkey or chicken tiny dices
  • 4 1/2 cups chicken broth
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon dried thyme, crushed
  • 1/4 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 cup small shell pasta
  • 1 (16-ounce / 454-g) package frozen mixed vegetables
  • 3/4 cup frozen orange juice concentrate, thawed
  • Orange slices halved (optional)
  • Herb sprigs (optional)

Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Teens

When you imagine a typical school lunch, what do you see? A sad squashed sandwich? A bruised apple and a few carrot sticks? In the age of technology, those boring lunches are a thing of the past, while the future is creative meals.

3 healthy recipes with chicken broth

With the drop in temperatures so typical of the winter months, what you want the most is to drink a homemade broth that helps you warm up quickly. One of the easiest broths to make while being delicious is chicken. With this broth, you can make a multitude of dishes that are perfect to drink during the cold months. Take good note of these 3 wonderful recipes with chicken broth that you can make whenever you want and satisfy your family or guests.

Tips for recognizing your musical instrument

Thefts of musical instruments are very frequent. The price of the instruments is what most attracts the attention of thieves and they do not miss the opportunity when they see them.

Soft frozen prawn curry: quick seafood recipe to bring India to the table

Indian cuisine can seem complicated by the number of preparations and ingredients that, sometimes, ask for their recipes. But we can take many licenses to be inspired by its gastronomy and thus prepare dishes as tasty, easy, and inexpensive as this mild curry with frozen prawns. You don’t even have to remember to defrost them.

Best time to travel to Italy

Sicily has little to do with the Dolomites, or Milan with the beautiful Tuscany. And yet they all belong to the same country. This is why it is so important to plan carefully when traveling to Italy. It depends on your interests as well as in the area of ​​the country that the best time is summer or winter. Let’s break down the best dates to make your Italian vacation a real success.

7 tips for using music against stress

Music is one of the best remedies for relieving stress. Whatever our tastes in the matter. And not necessarily special relaxation sounds.

Indeed, everyone has the freedom to listen to music that makes them comfortable.

7 cocktails in the world that you can’t stop trying

Traveling includes much more than just strolling the mysterious and exotic streets of our destinations. Mixing with its inhabitants, eating the typical dishes, and drinking like the locals is also part of the experience. And, so that yours is complete, from Exoticca we tell you about some cocktails in the world that you cannot miss when you travel to their country of origin.

Winter travel: the 5 best destinations

One of the advantages of winter travel is that you can find offers at more than interesting prices. When the cold arrives and the hours of light diminish, many people begin to long for the warmth of the summer sun. Why not seek warmth in the dead of winter?

Music on! 5 cities in the world for music lovers

Each place in the world has its own rhythms and rich musical culture. But these 5 cities have reached extraordinary potential in this regard. They still have the character of a magnet for important concerts or annual music festivals, which makes them true meccas for any lover of one of the most ancient artistic expressions in history.

8 trips for 8 love stories

Although if we talk about love, most of us would come to mind cities like Paris or Venice, the truth is that there are destinations that give off a special romanticism just by contemplating them. In this selection, we show you the landscapes that have managed to inspire writers and filmmakers to set in them some of the best-known and most awarded love stories of universal culture.

Typical dishes of Italian food

Italy has very varied gastronomy that reflects the cultural diversity of its regions and historical experiences. Like the Spanish, its food is included within Mediterranean gastronomy considered one of the most complete and healthy worldwide.

Trisha Yearwood

Country Music Artist, Author, Actress

One of the highest-selling female artists in Country music history , a New York Times Bestselling cookbook author, and now a Food Network star, Trisha Yearwood has a habit of surpassing expectations.

Tim Love

Chef & Owner of Loveshack, The Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, Woodshed Smokehouse and White Elephant Saloon

Tandy Wilson

Chef, City House

Tandy Wilson opened City House in Nashville’s historic Germantown district in December 2007 in space that had formerly housed the working space for artist and sculptor Alan LeQuire.

Sarah Gavigan

I guess you would call me a country girl if you knew I was born and raised in Columbia, Tennessee. If you really want to get down to origin though, I’m half Sicilian and half Irish, which means I am genetically predicated to be loud and eat a lot. I think that describes me much better than a country girl.

Roderick Bailey

Chef/Owner, The Silly Goose

As the Chef and Owner of The Silly Goose in Nashville, Tennessee, Roderick Bailey loves food. But, that hasn’t always been the case. As a child, he was an extremely picky eater – until he experienced New Orleans. When he was seven years old, Roderick’s parents took him to New Orleans, giving him the opportunity to eat at some of the city’s classic culinary institutions: K’ Pauls, Commander’s Palace, Galatoires & Antoine’s. After a few mouthfuls, his relationship with culinary experiences changed forever; Roderick became passionate about food, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Robert Grace

Growing up in Tennessee and north Georgia, Chef Robert Grace was steeped in rich, southern cooking with farm-fresh ingredients. He has been working in kitchens since the age of 16, ultimately following his passion for food to Johnson & Wales in Providence, Rhode Island to earn a degree in Culinary Arts.

Phillip Krajeck

Chef and Owner, Rolf and Daughters

Native southerner chef Philip Krajeck has created a restaurant that embraces his passion for local and seasonal food while honoring Nashville’s history and culture. The result is a neighborhood restaurant housed in a historic landmark showcasing the talent, ingredients, and culinary tradition of the region.

Peter Gago

Chief Winemaker, Penfolds

Peter joined the then Penfolds Wines Pty Ltd in 1989. He started his tenure making sparkling wine, then reds, and served as Penfolds Red Wine Oenologist before being appointed Penfolds Chief Winemaker in 2002, making him only the fourth winemaker to be responsible for Penfolds’ flagship wine, Grange.

Pat Martin

Pat Martin

Chef, Martin’s Bar-B-Que

Pat Martin began cooking barbecue over 20 years ago while in college. Seven years ago Pat turned his passion into a profession and has quickly garnered recognition as one of the top Pit-Masters in the country.

Nick Pellegrino

Creator & Chef, Mangia Nashville

Nick Pellegrino, the creator of the pop-up restaurant phenomenon, Mangia Nashville, brings a level of culinary richness and excitement that is new to Nashville’s dining landscape.

Nancy Silverton

Chef, Author, & Co-owner, Mozza Restaurant Group

With partners Mario Batali & Joe Bastianich, Nancy Silverton is the co-owner of Pizzeria and Osteria Mozza in Los Angeles, Newport Beach and Singapore, as well as Mozza2Go and Chi Spacca in Los Angeles. Silverton also founded the world-renowned La Brea Bakery and Campanile Restaurant, an institution that Angelenos cherished for decades.

Michael Symon

Chef/Owner of Lola, Lolita, Roast and B Spot

Chef Michael Symon cooks with soul. Growing up in a Greek and Sicilian family, the Cleveland native creates boldly flavored, deeply satisfying dishes at his four restaurants in America’s heartland: Lola, Lolita, Roast and B Spot. He also shares his exuberant, approachable cooking style and infectious laugh with viewers as an Iron Chef on the Food Network.

Matt Farley

Executive Chef, The Southern

Executive Chef Matt Farley began his culinary journey in rural upstate New York at the age of 17. He moved to New York City in 1995, where he worked his way up in the kitchens of some of the Big Apple’s most lauded restaurants.

Margot McCormack

Margot spent many Saturday mornings as a little girl in the kitchen with her mother frying doughnuts, baking bread, and making candy. Cooking was fun and it tasted good, so it was restaurant work she turned to for a part-time job while studying creative writing at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. Margot excelled in the work and was quickly promoted.

Larry Carlile

Executive Chef, SILO

Larry Carlile developed his passion for cooking at a young age, refining his skills in restaurants such as Radius10, Virago, and LIME. Working his way up in the culinary world, he is now the proud Executive Chef at Silo, an elevated southern restaurant in Nashville, TN.

Joseph Lenn

Executive Chef, Blackberry Farm

Joseph Lenn, the executive chef of the Barn, leads his team in providing the Foothills Cuisine for which Blackberry Farm has come to be known. A Tennessee native, Lenn is garnering national attention for his talents in the kitchen.

Jonathan Waxman

Chef, Barbuto; Author

Jonathan is a native Californian. Raised in Berkeley, he was nurtured in the food arts from an early age. His father was raised in the Bronx & his mother in Bedford-Stuyvesant. They loved to cook. They went to great lengths to educate their sons in all things culinary.

Jon Shook & Vinny Dotolo

Chefs, Animal & Son of a Gun

Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo are Los Angeles-based chef-entrepreneurs who blend innovative and seasonal cooking with ambitious dining experiences. They opened an Animal restaurant in June 2008 to widespread acclaim.

John Currence

John Currence was born and raised in New Orleans to a family that loved to cook and spend time in the kitchen. His parents’ travels during his childhood, combined with the family’s several years in Europe, brought the dishes of the world to their dinner table, while time spent hunting and fishing in South Louisiana began the education in the foods of his home.

John Besh

Besh Restaurant Group, Author, TV Personality, John Besh’s Family Table, New Orleans, LA

John Besh is a chef and a native son dedicated to the culinary riches of southern Louisiana. In his restaurants, entrepreneurial pursuits, and public activities, he preserves and promotes ingredients, techniques, and heritage one mouth-watering dish at a time.

Jennifer Justus

Raised at the table of a meat-and-three, Jennifer Justus had her Southern food education on plates of fried chicken and turnip greens. But she received her formal training at Boston University where she created her own food writing curriculum with courses in both Journalism and Gastronomy, a cultural study of food founded by Julia Child and Jacques Pepin.

Jeni Britton Bauer

Founder, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni Britton Bauer has honed her ice cream-making skills for nearly two decades and is the author of The New York Times best selling Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home. In its 8th printing, the cookbook dubbed the “homemade-ice cream-making Bible” by The Wall Street Journal earned Jeni a James Beard Award, America’s most coveted honor for those writing about food and the culinary arts.

Jay Flatley

Executive Chef, Tavern

Jay Flatley was born and raised in New Orleans, LA, where he began cooking at a young age with his mother and sister. Like many chefs, Jay started his restaurant career washing dishes in a neighborhood restaurant. He moved to Dallas, TX, and began cooking for Outback Steakhouse, where he learned all areas of the restaurant. After Outback, Jay began cooking in a privately-owned restaurant, where he decided to further his career and attend culinary school. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Culinary Institute of America, and shortly after, returned to New Orleans to be a Sous Chef at the Crescent City Brewhouse. While there, he worked for three years, before and after Hurricane Katrina, until going to the Gulf Coast where he was Chef De Cuisine for the upscale dining restaurant, Fire.

After two years on the beach, Jay moved to Nashville, TN, and began cooking at Lime, where he became Sous Chef. Finally, in 2013, Jay became Executive Chef at Tavern in Midtown, M Street’s cool-casual, gastro-pub concept. As Chef of a local “foodie favorite,” Jay has been able to explore his creative mind by creating fun, inspired, and mouth-watering dishes.

Hal M Holden-Bache

Chef, Lockeland Table

Hal M. Holden-Bache is the executive chef and owner of Lockeland Table opening in August 2012 in Nashville, TN. However, his love of cooking began years before this most recent restaurant venture. As with many chefs, Hal’s culinary education began at a young age cooking alongside his mother, preparing the family meals.

Giovanni Francescotti

Owner, Giovanni Ristorante

Giovanni Francescotti was born in Trento Italy Oct 12th, 1950. He was raised in London where his father was in the restaurant business. Giovanni later moved back to Italy in 1973 and attended The Wine and Food Institute of Trento. He then opened a family restaurant with his sisters which he later sold to them and emigrated to New York in January 1981.

Giada De Laurentiis

Chef, Author, Television Personality

Emmy Award-winning personality Giada De Laurentiis has become a household name. With an impressive background of culinary training and a unique, personable charm, she is a globally revered celebrity chef who continues to prove her skill and accessibility not only with her expanding presence beyond Food Network but also with the great success of her cookbooks, brand alliances, newly launched food products and a recurring role on Today.

Erik Anderson & Josh Habiger

Co-chefs, The Catbird Seat

Erik Anderson was born to be a chef. His father worked as the Sous Chef at the famous Drake in Chicago, and his parents owned their own restaurant for many years. While much of his initial experience comes from experimenting at home, his professional gigs have given him an expansive knowledge base to accompany his innate skills.

Edward Lee

Chef, 610 Magnolia

Chef Edward Lee’s culinary story could only happen in America. One part Southern soul, one part Asian spice, and one part New York attitude, Lee is a Korean-American who grew up in Brooklyn, trained in NYC kitchens, and has spent the better part of a decade honing his vision at 610 Magnolia restaurant in Louisville, KY.

Donald Link

Executive Chef and Chief Executive Officer, Link Restaurant Group

Donald Link
Executive Chef and Chief Executive Officer
Link Restaurant Group: Herbsaint, Cochon, Butcher, Calcasieu, and Pêche Seafood Grill

DJ Mel

2013 Flavors of Nashville DJ

DJ Mel will be spinning during The Flavors of Nashville at Public Square Park.

Deb Paquette

Executive Chef, Etch Restaurant

Deb Paquette is well known in Nashville where she’s lived and worked for the last thirty years. After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, she became the first woman in Tennessee to qualify as a certified executive chef.

Dana Cowin

Senior Vice President and Editor in Chief, Food & Wine

Dana Cowin is the editor in chief of Food & Wine, which is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. At Food & Wine since 1995, she oversees the award-winning print magazine and its website, as well as digital e-reader editions, mobile applications, and branded books.

Chris Chamberlain

Chris Chamberlain is a food, drink, wine, spirits, travel, and personal interest writer based in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has lived his entire life except for four years in California where he studied liberal arts at Stanford University and learned how to manipulate chopsticks. He is a regular writer for the Nashville Scene and their “Bites” food blog. He is also the Southern correspondent for, a national website dedicated to “Drinking, Eating, and Living the Way a Man Should.”

Charles Phillips

An intrinsic passion for quality and community provides the foundation for Executive Chef Charles Phillips’ work. His diverse seasonal menus for Nashville’s 1808 Grille center on fresh, sustainable ingredients, including locally grown produce, and exemplify the joy of shared experience—from field to market to kitchen to table.

Carey Bringle

Peg Leg Porker

With deep-seated roots in the West Tennessee BBQ culture, I developed an appreciation for BBQ at a young age. Having parents who grew up in Memphis, it was inevitable. To say that my family had a passion for it is an understatement.

Barclay Stratton

Chef, Merchants

As chef of one of Nashville’s most storied restaurants, Barclay Stratton helms the second-floor kitchen of Merchants Restaurant, delivering refined cuisine with a Southern touch. His Texas roots, innate creativity, and knowledge of various cuisines make him a great asset to the Strategic Hospitality team, and further position Merchants as a top restaurant in Music City.

Arnold Myint

Born in Nashville, TN, Arnold spent a majority of his childhood traveling between his parents’ homeland of South East Asia and touring the world as a competitive and professional Ice Skater. After attending the Institute of Culinary Education and a short stint in New York City, Arnold returned to Nashville to begin his culinary pursuits. Being raised in the restaurant industry, the proprietorship is not unfamiliar.

Aarón Sánchez

Mestizo, Author, TV Personality, Chopped, Motochefs, New York City

Aarón Sánchez is the co-star of Food Network’s hit series, Chopped, as well as the star of FOX Utilisima’s #1 rated series Aarón Loves NY and their new travel-food series MOTOCHEFS. Aarón is the chef/owner of Mestizo, located in Leawood, Kansas.