5 best restaurants with live music (food and music) in New York

food and music in NYC

5 best restaurants with live music (food and music) in New York

Let’s tell the truth: tourism does not only go through unmissable places, there are also experiences that one should not miss. Specific case: cross off the traveling list to go see a band in a New York club. The issue is where right? Do not despair, that is what we are for, below we leave you some little bars that will fulfill your pendant with a medal of honor. Lots of jazz, some indie, and even DJ sets. Just read!

You like food and music a lot, you walk down the street with headphones flashing movie according to the song that sounds. You are a fan of the sensation experienced in recitals, regardless of the band or singer on duty. Of course, for your music is another way of traveling. So, better write down these 5 coordinates to enjoy another side of New York.

Blue Note Jazz Club – Greenwich Village

A temple of jazz. Yes, we say temple, because it is a musical milestone of almost 30 years on the courts. And you will know that if something lasts so long, especially in New York, it is because it actually has something good to offer.

Here, the recipe is jazz in large quantities, with many versions and a bar that accompanies very well. In fact, so good is Blue Note, that it has locations all over the world. From Milan to Tokyo. So, without a doubt, it is a must if you declare yourself a music fanatic.

Baby’s All Right – Brooklyn

best food and music restaurant

It is a very cool spot, aligned to its best Brooklyn style. From the logo, the name, and even the place, they have an ultra retro and very cool style. For this reason, the movie is more indie than anything else. Although, don’t be fooled, because DJ sets are also featured from time to time.

The best thing about Baby’s is that the space is not that big, so you will see it in a super intimate setting. Who tells you, you end up having a few drinks with the band.

Bell House – Brooklyn

There are people who say that no good bands emerged after the 90s, and for them – back in 2008 – they opened Bell House. An under-style bar, but with hits playing 24/7.

Live bands are presented, yes, and always with a retro imprint. So if you want to get nostalgic and flash it for a bit, you can come to this side of Brooklyn and go back to the last century. It is more of a concert hall than anything else, but that it has a very good bar, nobody disputes it.

In addition, if you are of the humorous stick, earlier there are stand-up presentations and even live radio programs. So, choose your own adventure. Of course, before facing her, check on her Instagram what is the one of that day.

Fat cat – West Village

It has a bar, it has games, it has live music. The offer, as you will see, is quite complete and above all fun.

Fat Cat is rather under coordinate, as are musical locations for these payments. Precisely for that reason, the deco does not play a fundamental role. Here the important thing is in the experience. Proof of that, there are the ping pong, foosball, pool, shuffleboard, and even chess tables. And so many other games, because here, either he has a good time, or he does not. There are more than 5 tables of each one, imagine the number of people. Therefore, if you come as a tourist, they are the key to making friends with the odd locals. Yes, you are warned, the target here is 100% New Yorker.

And if it is here, it is because live music does not fail either. In the midst of so much playful activity, there is a stage that invites many jazz figures to immerse themselves in the musical culture around here.

It is truly the ultimate for ranching, having fun for a while, and being amazed by emerging jazz artists.

Nublu 151 – East Village

Did you see that in every Hollywood romantic comedy they say that when you get married you have to wear something old, something new and something blue? Well, all that happens here. Blue, because of the light that illuminates the entrance, old because its music reminds you – nonstop – of bygone times, and new because it was founded in modern New York.

I’m not telling you to get married around here, no, but I am telling you to come and have long and long fun under the effects of jazz and some DJ sets. In Nublu 151, to give you an idea, Norah Jones played in the beginning. It is the bar-bolichón to enjoy the musical vibe of New York and while you are, do it with shots of Sake in hand. Yes, it is their specialty, so don’t ever leave without trying any of that.

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