Winter travel: the 5 best destinations

Winter travel

Winter travel: the 5 best destinations

One of the advantages of winter travel is that you can find offers at more than interesting prices. When the cold arrives and the hours of light diminish, many people begin to long for the warmth of the summer sun. Why not seek warmth in the dead of winter?

Where to travel in winter

However, although many tourists do not like to travel when cold, others know how to find a special charm in winter that leaves beautiful landscapes and offers a different light. Here we present some destinations where to travel in winter cheap, suitable for all tastes.


travel Israel

If you are looking for a sun and beach destination and some culture and history, this is a great option. Once in Tel Aviv, you will be able to enjoy its bustle and its many leisure, party, and event proposals. On the Mediterranean beaches of this city, you can practice surfing and other water sports. But after exploring the capital, we recommend that you venture to visit the rest of the country.

The Dead Sea is the lowest land-level area on the planet. And as you know, it is also the saltiest sea that exists, so taking a bath there is an experience that cannot be compared with anything. Then we will head towards Eliat, which borders the Sinai peninsula, in Egypt. It is a very visited coastal area, as it has a wide range of accommodation and leisure. It also has temperatures that invite you to swim, since they are around 30ºC throughout the year, so it is ideal if you are looking for trips in winter. In this region, you can dive with dolphins and observe incredible corals. You cannot miss a visit to Jerusalem, a city with as much history as antiquity, and cultural and architectural heritage of incalculable value.

Innsbruck, Austria

travel Innsbruck

In Innsbruck, you will find the Nordkette mountain, covered in snow perfect for skiing, a destination for cheap winter travel. But also, from its summit, there are amazing views of the rooftops of the city. There is a short distance between both points and can be reached in 20 minutes by funicular. This journey can be done at night, one of the most requested activities. If you are an expert skier, the Hafelekar station is the best, although it is also a good area for hiking. Innsbruck is in the Tyrol region and is the capital of the Alps. On a cultural level, it has a lot of points of interest, such as the old city with its colorful buildings, the Ambra castle, La Hofkirche, which was the court church, and the baroque-style buildings in some of its streets.

Torres del Paine, Chile

travel Torres del Paine

This natural park is located in the very heart of Patagonia, so this could be one of the most impressive winter trips of your life. Here you will find an impressive natural environment, one of the most beautiful on Earth, full of valleys, fjords, glaciers, rivers, and waterfalls whose waters come from the immense ice plain of southern Patagonia. The adventure begins even before you arrive when the plane is flying over the Andes and the views are spectacular. Inside the park, there are only two hotels, located very close to the glacier. Trekking expeditions and walks through unique places depart from the hotels themselves.


travel Argentina

Winter travel destinations in the southern hemisphere are very tempting. While in this part of the globe we are with the scarf on, in places like Argentina a summer sun begins to shine. This is a huge country with endless possibilities, but one option is to go south to watch the immense glaciers melt. The most impressive is the Perito Moreno, and being able to see how it breaks is an impressive experience, although it requires a good dose of luck (or patience).

Further south is Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego, near Antarctica, a city at the gates of the end of the world. This is a destination to travel in winter for nature lovers, where you can see different animal species such as Magellan penguins, go hiking or boat expeditions in Antarctica.


travel Panama

This is an emerging destination so it is a perfect place to travel cheaply in winter. It is a Central European country that is not well known by tourists, although it is known by all for its famous channel through which ships cross to cross from the Pacific to the Atlantic and vice versa. However, Panama has many treasures to discover, such as idyllic white-sand islands and turquoise waters like Bocas del Toro.

Panama City is a mix of modernity and tradition. Its old town is colonial and reminds a bit of Havana. Its tropical forests are home to a huge variety of animal species such as toucans, macaws, sloths, or macaques, and just listening to the sounds of the jungle is a unique experience. You can even spot humpback whales off the coast. There is no doubt that it is one of the best destinations to travel in winter.

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