Tips for recognizing your musical instrument

musical instrument

Tips for recognizing your musical instrument

Thefts of musical instruments are very frequent. The price of the instruments is what most attracts the attention of thieves and they do not miss the opportunity when they see them.

Among the most stolen instruments are guitars, saxophones, trumpets, bandoneons, among others. The hardest items to steal are the drums and the double bass. Not only because of their large size, but they also are not moved as daily as the rest. These are stolen when they enter to rob private houses or music houses.

Many of the thieves often sell the instruments on the black market. They use Facebook groups or other platforms to sell them at lower values ​​than those handled in the legal market.

This is a good way to find out if the object is stolen or not: to know the prices of the objects, to pay attention if there are any with much difference.

On the other hand, we always recommend making some distinction to your instrument in order to easily identify it:

Tips for recognizing your musical instrument

Make a mark

That your instrument has a mark that is noticeable is not to the liking of most people. But for these cases it is more than necessary.

It does not have to be so perceptible, only that it is seen in a photo is enough and enough. It would be nice if you make a contrasting mark . For example: if your guitar is white, mark it a bit to make it dark. A scratch or a dot with an indelible marker.

Put a sticker on it

Stickers are used to identify our objects. Many put thermoses, notebooks, among others. But there is a small detail.

The glue of the stickers must be more than resistant because if it is easy to remove it does not work. Since the thieves are going to take it out without taking long.

Record it

Recording instruments can be a very nice act of love. Many times significant words or some pictures that the owners like are recorded.

In addition to giving a personal “touch” to your instrument, it generates a particular identification at a glance. In this way, the thief will even be able to sell it, because it is easily identifiable.

However, all these cases can fail if the police cannot identify the thieves or never publish it on the Internet. In that case, what do we do? The best thing in these cases is to have insurance to protect the instrument.

Finally, if the instrument is stolen, you cannot find it and you do not have the money to buy a new one, the insurance will replace you monetarily in the case of Theft, Fire or Partial or Total Damage.

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