These are the benefits of eating while listening to music!

benefits of eating while listening to music!

These are the benefits of eating while listening to music!

Music and food are great allies. That is why, at MercadoRoma Coyoacán, we enjoy organizing Jazz and DJ nights to offer you a very complete and balanced culinary experience.

And the thing is, music brings us great benefits when we enjoy it with a plate. And we, to encourage you to enjoy a night of Jazz and/or DJ, we share some of the benefits of listening to music while you eat:

Improves digestion

Here we show how mood influences our body. To have correct digestion it is essential to have a  relaxed and positive environment, so the music will be your faithful ally to build it.

We eat what is necessary

We tend to unconsciously understand the action of eating as secondary, giving more importance to what we are doing while we eat. Watching television or chatting with other people distracts us in such a way that we do not realize if we are chewing correctly or, even, it makes us so distracted that our brain does not detect that we are satiated and continues to demand more food. The music ends all this, making it clear that the important thing is your diet.

Helps to lose weight

Many people want to lose weight, but recognize that it costs them a lot to consume fewer calories each day. Music can also help us at this point and is that various studies have determined that eating while listening to relaxing music causes us to ingest  175 calories less since it will keep our stress at bay.

Makes us happier

Among the benefits of music we find increasing our optimism, and more if we are accompanied. In fact, mealtime can be seen as a break from our routine to  ‘recharge our batteries and continue our day with much more energy.

Create an entire experience

There is nothing better than eating typical food from another country and having music in the background that takes us to those far away places, something that can be complied with the high variety of international food that we have in MercadoRoma Coyoacán. So, if you want to enjoy a meal with experience included, feel free to put this technique into practice. You will not regret it!

So, now that you visit us for a Jazz or DJ Night, have dinner and enjoy your dishes in a better way by spending a unique night in MercadoRoma Coyoacán, since each week these events have 100% free admission. We will wait for you here!

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