Best time to travel to Italy

travel to Italy

Best time to travel to Italy

Sicily has little to do with the Dolomites, or Milan with the beautiful Tuscany. And yet they all belong to the same country. This is why it is so important to plan carefully when traveling to Italy. It depends on your interests as well as in the area of ​​the country that the best time is summer or winter. Let’s break down the best dates to make your Italian vacation a real success.

When to travel to Italy to discover Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and one of the most popular destinations in the country. Monuments as iconic as the Colosseum are found here. If you’ve seen the famous Audrey Hepburn movie, Roman Holiday, you know that the best time to travel to this city is the earliest spring. Winter is perfect for a weekend getaway and summer is best avoided. During the summer period, the heat can be annoying and the crowds are well known.

When to travel to Italy to navigate the Canals of Venice

Avoid Venice in the hottest months. The canals are wonderful and traveling by gondola is an unforgettable experience. But high temperatures make the water level rise and the result is not always pleasant. It is better that you visit the most romantic city in the world, with permission from Paris, during the months of April and May, or plan your trip for September. Also, on these dates, you will find fewer people.

When to travel to Italy and be impressed by the Dolomites

The Dolomites mountain range is not the highest in the world, but it is one of the most impressive. Visit it in winter to enjoy the many high-quality ski slopes. Even if winter sports are not your thing, the snow-capped peaks of these mountains will invite you for a walk. If you travel in spring, you will attend the spectacle of the rebirth of wildflowers. Lakes, slopes, and rugged peaks form part of a landscape that will take your breath away.

The Amalfi Coast When is it better to go?

Italy is a country known for its beach destinations. So, if you wonder when to travel to Italy to enjoy its sun, its delicious food and its red wines, the answer is that summer is the best time. Amalfi will give you incredible views of its colorful houses hanging on the rocks, facing the sea. It is a mythical coastal area, celebrated by writers and filmmakers that retains its charm and glamor even today.

When to travel to Italy and get lost in Tuscany

The best time to travel to Italy, rent a car, and get lost in green, rolling Tuscany in summer, hands down. Enjoying the wines of the area does not require much company and it is always possible to find a beautiful corner to enjoy the company. Florence, on the other hand, is the work that, according to UNESCO, has more works of art per square meter. To enjoy them without crowds, it is better to avoid the summer. In fact, as with Rome, Milan or Naples, it is best to visit this city during the fall and winter. The climate is pleasant even with the rain, from which you can take shelter in one of its many monuments.

The best time to discover the treasures of Pompeii

Pompeii is one of the most iconic places in the country. The eruption of Vesuvius, which buried the city in lava and turned it to stone, has made it a huge museum. During the summer, lovers of Roman culture stand in long lines to visit the place. We advise you to postpone your trip until autumn. The crowds will be less and the temperature will be much more pleasant. Travel in comfortable shoes and prepare to return with hundreds of photographs.

Palermo, the Sicilian capital What is the most favorable month to visit it?

Sicily will always be associated with gangster movies and mafia stories, but it is a quiet place to spend the spring and winter months when the weather is milder. Also at this time, it is less crowded than in the summer, but you can still enjoy a good bath. In addition to rich Italian food, Palermo is home to the oldest tree in Italy. Known as the Bahía Moreto Higuera, it is actually a huge ficus. The city hides architectural gems and charming markets to visit between April and May, September, or October.

Do you already know what your favorite destination is in this diverse country? Will you move throughout its geography or will you stay in one place? Be that as it may, at Exoticca we are happy to help you with your Italian vacation. Get in touch with us to book the best trip to Italy.

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