5 tips to play the guitar every day with motivation

Guitar playing tips

5 tips to play the guitar every day with motivation

To be a beast of the guitar, among other things, you have to play every day. But not always the motivation to play is present, right? Sometimes you feel discouraged, lazy, and lack desire. I know this problem very closely! And that is why, in this post, I am going to give you 5 tips to play the guitar every day while maintaining your motivation.

Tips to play the guitar every day with motivation

Play The Guitar For Love

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It may sound cliché, but playing for love is essential. For this reason, the guitar cannot share your hands with pain (physical or emotional), because music cannot symbolize the suffering in the lives of those who play the instrument.

So that your learning flows smoothly, do not overload yourself. Everything has its own time. Know your limits, that is, you don’t want to be the best guitarist in the world in a week. Playing 18 hours a day can bring more pain than genius. Can you imagine spending a month without playing because of tendinitis or worse, because of focal dystonia?

Let the natural course of things drive your studies! This is one of the best guitar-playing tips I can give you. Don’t get mad at yourself if you realize you’re training too much and making little progress. When you get this feeling (it will happen to you many times, believe me), take a deep breath… take a break… look for a distraction. When you return to your studies, you will see the difficulties again and you will see that they are much less than they seem.

Keep Your Guitar Close At All Times

Another good tip for playing guitar is to try to leave everything (instrument, strings, picks, etc.) within reach. This is the best way to prevent your life from being invaded by the laziness of taking the guitar out of the closet. In addition, you will have no excuse to procrastinate, that is, the “I’ll play later” will not be part of your daily life.

It’s even worth a try to leave your six-string companion out of its protective case, ready for you to check its tuning and start playing. Thus, you will only have to extend your arm to grab the instrument and make the magic happen. But remember the care to clean your guitar that I told you about here.

Create Habits That Encourage Discipline

Do you know those times when you really need to step away from your guitar? Don’t despair, because you can use them to create habits that help you stay focused. For example:

when you are at work or school, access social networks and WhatsApp only during breaks;

try to check your personal emails only twice a day.

This mania of looking at the cell phone all the time is a very bad habit. In addition to diverting your attention from your daily tasks, it distracts you from playing.

Be Careful about How You Receive Feedback

Be very careful with all feedback. As sincere as they are, words have the power to demotivate.

Listen carefully to people, especially those who understand the subject. But create a filter that protects your ears from derogatory comments. Don’t be put off by criticism. Make them the fuel that will make your ship fly higher and higher.

Never blindly trust feedback that is 100% flattering. There are cases in which the closest people are afraid to criticize, even constructively, and end up generating discomfort.

When you do a self-analysis of your performance, don’t push yourself too hard. It is also prudent to avoid comparisons because each musician evolves within his possibilities and capabilities.

Observe Your Evolution

To evolve you need goals. You can, for example, aim to be able to play John Mayer’s Neon in X weeks. It’s a difficult song for beginners, right? However, nothing is impossible, you just have to study the song daily.

To measure your progress, record audio or video of yourself playing.

Let’s suppose that today you started studying the chords of the introduction and you evolved very little. It turns out that after a week of practice, the first part of the song is already at your fingertips. It is obvious that there was a lot of evolution! But when you compare the records of your process, the emotion will take over every particle of your being and your motivation will be even more invigorated.


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