Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Teens

School Lunch Ideas for Teens

Healthy School Lunch Ideas for Teens

When you imagine a typical school lunch, what do you see? A sad squashed sandwich? A bruised apple and a few carrot sticks? In the age of technology, those boring lunches are a thing of the past, while the future is creative meals.

School Lunch Ideas for Teens

The best way to convince your children to eat healthily is by preparing a variety of fun lunches. Although that may sound like a challenge for those parents who barely have enough time, we are convinced that we are all capable of sending our children to school with a nutritious lunch that they will enjoy. All it takes is a few good ideas. So get inspired with these delicious lunches created by some of the parent’s foodies with more followers on Instagram.

The Colorful Lunch

This particular lunch has received high acceptance due to its pita bread wafers, whose passengers include carrots, cheese, corn, and cucumber. The more vegetables you include in their lunch, the more varied, balanced, and healthy your children’s diet will be.

Lunch with hidden vegetables

All parents know that the trick for little ones to eat vegetables is to make more interesting dishes or hide vegetables among their favorite foods. With this lunch offered by the Instagrammer Lunch for Littles, you can use both tactics: carrots always taste better when they are heart-shaped, while turkey and cheese help disguise the nutritious spinach inside the burritos.

Lunch x2

This busy mom with multiple kids knows that if she has to cook, bake, or make the main dish for her kids’ lunch, it has to be something she can create as a block. If you have a lot of kids and can’t quite make a dozen different sandwiches each morning, try baking these Zucchini Cocoa Muffins the night before so you can put them in your lunch box in the morning. They are nutritious and delicious.

Picky Proof Lunch

Weelicious is the brainchild of one of the most popular foodie moms on Instagram, and with good reason. His lunch ideas are always unique, picky-proof, and very healthy. With ball-shaped melons, sushi-shaped sandwiches, and natural fruit rolls, this particular lunch is especially interesting. Each of the elements of this meal is fun (and very easy to prepare).

The Super Ambitious Art Lunch

While most of us may not be creative enough to craft even a shadow of the masterpieces Little Miss Bento dreams of, that doesn’t mean we can’t try. These Winnie the Pooh-inspired spaghetti are adorable and possibly doable for the rest of us lunch makers.

Lunch Different

Alice Choi is the Hip Foodie Mom who constantly shares recipes for the whole family’s culinary enjoyment. Your back-to-school lunch may not sound very kid-friendly, but the truth is, your kids love tuna and veggie rolls. Something new and different is what, perhaps, your little ones also need.

Meatless Lunch

Katie Morford has embraced the principle of “feeding kids healthy food in a world of French fries,” and, judging from her Instagram account, she follows it to the letter. This meatless meal with mini tortillas and ‘homemade’ whole grain cookies will make kids’ mouths water.

The themed lunch

Do you like to play with food to coax your children into eating it? The Lunch Box Queen has earned the crown of school lunch queen with her hundreds of themed lunches. This dinosaur-inspired meal only requires a sandwich knife and a few dinosaur eggs (i.e., kiwis, grapes, and a polka dot egg).

The Hearty Lunch

Boats are fun, and this foodie dad knows it. Their sausage and zucchini boats are a delicious addition to any lunch (or dinner, even). Suck on that boring peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

A Vegetable-Based Lunch

This health-conscious parent focuses on making plant-based meals for their children, which is an especially healthy option that more and more parents adopt every day. This particular lunch includes vegetarian meatballs with a side of fresh fruit. Even if you are not a vegetarian or vegan, meals made without meat or animal products are a very good way to maintain a varied and balanced diet.

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