Benefits of listening to music while eating

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Benefits of listening to music while eating

There are benefits of listening to music when cooking, but eating there is also a pleasant influence that will positively affect our body.

Eating with music improves digestion, as it provides a positive and more relaxed environment. Digestion is much heavier when stressed, so listening to music can help your body and mind relax. Let’s see the benefits of listening to music while eating.

Something very important to consider is that the body absorbs nutrients better when it is calm, so music is the perfect element to free you from stress and nervousness when it comes to eating.

Music also has the power that we eat correctly: the same rhythm helps us chew food for the necessary time, setting a healthy rhythm.

Along with this, music avoids unnecessary distractions that can cause us to overeat. That is, we can eat more consciously if we listen to music.

Benefits of listening to music while eating

It is not a new thing to mention that music has great power in us. Doing a simple practice like listening to your favorite song generates feelings of excitement. It can reduce stress in people, especially when you hear something that you like and is related to your mood.

In addition, this also influences the level of productivity. According to a study by the University of Maryland in the USA, it mentions that any activity carried out with music obtains better returns, especially when a person performs creative work or is involved in routine situations.

It should be noted that music must tune us to rhythms that develop an optimal sound to motivate the auditory sense and improve our concentration. Therefore it is necessary to have the correct equipment.

But how does this happen? The brain can register everything that passes through your ears. For this reason, music plays an important role when it comes to entertaining the less conscious part of our mind. When preparing a recipe, the rhythm of the music exerts a positive influence of ambiance to motivate, amuse and lighten the work in the kitchen.

It is recommended especially for those who do not like to cook and maintain a negative mood. Listening to music while preparing food can help reduce stress and develop a source of inspiration. It is even a means to optimize time management because each song has a certain duration.

Of course, it should be noted that listening to music when you do activities that involve a minimum of concentration has both advantages and disadvantages. In addition to being a stimulating factor, it can become a distraction that leads to mistakes or accidents. An investigation by the University of Maryland, published in the British Medical Journal, revealed that in the last 6 years, accidents due to headphones tripled.

In short, this type of system abstracts the person from their surroundings, which can mean a danger when cooking. For this reason, it is recommended that, if you want to make music your ally in culinary art, you make use of speakerphone and wireless systems.

On the other hand, according to studies from the American Cornell University published in the journal Psychological Reports, eating and listening to music at the same time directly influences people’s digestion and achieves changes in the perception of taste and appetite.

Eating with a feeling of relaxation allows us to ingest about 175 calories less, on average, in each meal and we can enjoy our food much more. On the contrary, if you eat with stress or emotional charge, the five senses are not used to properly taste food.

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